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A series of interesting articles/research to explore...

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Benefits of Hypnobirthing

Nursing in Practice (2016)

A collation of evidence surrounding Hypnobrithing, what it is, the history, and how to support couples using it in practice.

Homebirths - are they safe?

The Lancet (2020)

Maternal outcomes and birth interventions among women who begin labour intending to give birth at home compared to women of low obstetrical risk who intend to give birth in hospital: A systematic review and meta-analyses.

How to reduce the chance of perineal tearing

Cochrane (2017)

It is common for women to experience some form of perineal trauma during vaginal birth. This is a study exploring the effectiveness of ways of reducing that likelihood.

Does CTG monitoring improve outcomes?

Cochrane (2017)

A review of the evidence for using CTG monitoring in labour, v.s. intermittent monitoring, and the outcomes for mothers and babies.

5 questions to ask before accepting an induction

Dr Sara Wickham (2022)

If you're being offered, recommended or advised to have an induction ( for whatever reason) the evidence isn't black and white. Dr Sara Wickham suggests 5 questions to ask before accepting or declining and induction, to ensure you're making the best decision for you, and one you won't regret. 

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Tips and tricks

All things pregnancy, labour and postnatal

Perineal massage guide

My Expert Midwife

An easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to perform perineal massage at home

Antenatal colostrum harvesting

My Expert Midwife

What is it? The benefits, and practicalities of colostrum harvesting during pregnancy.
You can get kits FREE from your midwife!!

Before trying this at home, please check with your midwife how early to do this, and if it's appropriate for you.

Daily activities and stretches to prepare your body for birth

Spinning Babies (2023)

Spinning Babies have endless resources, with an approach of using what we know about anatomy and physiology, to prepare your body for birth. There are labour and birth positions, as well as stretches and other activities to prepare your muscles for birth!

Resource Hub: List
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