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"I can’t recommend Martha enough! I did the full course with Martha towards the end of my second pregnancy and she has been amazing. We did the sessions in the comfort of my own home and she’s been very supportive and helpful throughout my pregnancy, while still being very professional. 

So thank you Martha for helping me to fully prepare for the birth of my second baby boy so that fear and pain never took over. 

I will be recommending Martha to every pregnant woman I know."


Newborn baby girl

"Martha supported me through pregnancy and birth, she went above & beyond to help create the environment I wanted for my water-birth. She understood my wishes and helped advocate for me when I couldn't. She opened my eyes to options I never knew I had and always put me first. She helped give me a voice and completely respected the connection I wanted to keep with my husband during labour. I will be forever grateful to Martha for being a big part of our birthing journey with Ember."


Newborn baby girl

 "I was lucky enough to have Martha  throughout the whole process. I truly believe she was a massive part in making my experience so special and calm"


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"I had a beautiful and relaxing session with Martha last year while expecting my third daughter. 
Martha is very easy to talk to, we had a lovely chat about all things pregnancy, birth and baby. 
I found the session very interesting and learnt some new and helpful things from Martha. I was so relaxed by the hypnobirthing at the end of our session, it was brilliant. I used it during the birth of my baby.  
I would highly recommend and would definitely use Martha again, given the chance!"


Testimonials: Testimonials
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